Your Role When Using Abound

Your Role

Using our API is not a detriment of your status as a tax preparer. Please consult your own financial, tax, or legal professional(s) if you have questions about your tax preparer status.

Abound's Role

Abound is not a tax preparer, tax attorney, accountant or financial adviser, and the Services we provide are not intended to operate so as to provide financial advice. Our Services are based on good faith understanding that the information you and your End Users provide are 100% accurate and complete. We do not make any representations, warranties, or guarantees of any kind that the Services are appropriate for you. As a precondition to your use of the Services, you must first obtain written consent from your End Users of their full and complete acknowledgement and understanding of their responsibility to provide only accurate information when utilizing the Services, either directly or through you. It is strongly recommended that you and your End Users obtain additional information and advice from an independent financial adviser regarding all personal finance and/or tax issues.

Please consult our Terms of Service for additional details.