Dates & Deadlines

Tax Payment Deadlines

As the name suggests, quarterly tax payments occur four (4) times per year, one each quarter. However, the IRS likes to complicate things so the payment dates don’t occur exactly every three (3) months.

While the IRS deadline for submitting a quarterly tax payment falls on the 15th of the month, Abound® requires that you create your Quarterly Tax Payment request (POST /user/{userId}/taxPayments) at least three (3) days before this deadline. This gives your User enough time to resolve any errors that may have occurred while enrolling them with EFTPS and ensures payment will be processed on time.


A Quarterly Tax Payment created after the Abound® Submission Deadline will be attempted but are not guaranteed to be submitted to the IRS by the payment date.

A Quarterly Tax Payment created after the IRS Payment Date will not be submitted to the IRS and will immediately be removed.