Drop-In UI Components (aka "Drop-Ins) are pre-built experiences that can be embedded directly within your app. They enable you to:

  • launch your tax features quicker with pre-built UI that matches your brand's look and feel
  • eliminate maintenance of UI and UX with changing tax regulation
  • leverage best-in-class UX
  • safely transmit PII data on the client-side, bypassing your server altogether

Client SDK Releases

LanguageLatest VersionRelease DateStatus
iOSv4 is not supported yet
JSlatest-major/ (v2.1.3), latest-v2-minor/ (v2.1.3)May 6, 2024Stable
Androidv4 is not supported yet

Browser Support

Drop-In UI Components are available in any web browser that supports JavaScript Modules. A list of these browsers can be found here.