Best Practices

Here are the best practices to follow when submitted a TIN Verification request. Following these guidelines should help avoid unexpected mismatches.

Confirm you've sent the correct payload

  • EINs should be paired with a business entity name. Be sure to only include the entity designation (i.e. "Inc.", "LLC", etc.) if it's legally part of the business name.
  • SSNs and ITINs should always be paired with a person's legal first and last name.

Don't include a middle name or initial in the name field

Although this indeed makes your TIN Verification request more specific, this doesn't improve our lookup with the IRS. Please omit middle names and initials.

Avoid special characters, except ampersands and hyphens

We strip out all special characters except for ampersands and hyphens. If a entity's name includes an & or -, please include it.

Don't include honorifics

Do not use honorifics (e.g. "Dr.", "Mr.", "Ms.", etc) in the name field, this will worsen our lookup with the IRS.


Recently registered TINs

Newly registered TINs can sometimes be delayed in finding their way into the IRS's system. In the case of such delay, you will receive a MISMATCH until the IRS system is updated. If you think this case applies to you, please reach out to us and we'd be happy to assist in a solution.