June 2022

This month we added Drop-In Components to our API. To learn more about this, please read our blog update. We also added an opt-in TIN Verification to the User model to highlight potential filing issues earlier.

May 2022

This month we improved error messaging, added foreignId support across more resources, improved pagination, and more.

April 2022

These are the changes for March 2022 and April 2022. Two main changes occurred during these months, foreign id uniqueness and tax category predictions returned on expenses.

February 2022

These are the changes for January 2022 and February 2022. Many of the changes the last two months are around 1099 fixes as the filing deadline was January 31, 2022. Our focus is now on improving our API for better usability and reliability as well as handling of errors.

December 2021

Happy New Year! Abound's 1099 deadline of January 26, 2022 is fast approaching. As we prepare for 1099 filing, we have made improvements to the process.
If you have any requests for additions to the API or any questions please contact us.

November 2021

Welcome to our first official changelog! We plan to release a changelog on a monthly basis.