Abound supports both W-2 and 1099 income types when determining a user's tax liability.

Below are the Income object's fields and descriptions:

incomeIdThe unique id generated by Abound API. Store this value in your database.
incomeTypeThe type of income earned:
1099, w2, or personal
documentType(Optional) The type of document used when filling out this income: 1099int,1099k,1099misc,1099nec,ssa1099
amountThe amount of income earned.
descriptionThe description of income earned.
dateThe date at which this income was earned.
categoryThe category of income earned.
notesThe notes associated with this income.
foreignId(Optional) The customer-specific unique identifier associated with this income.
predictionsWhen incomeType is not included, the Abound API will return predictions fo incomeType. Prediction percentages can be found in: predictions.incomeTypePredictionScores