The Expenses resource helps you discover tax deductible business expenses, identify tax categories, and find a corresponding deduction value for your users.

Below are the Expense object's fields and descriptions:

expenseIdThe unique id generated by Abound API. Store this value in your database.
amountThe numerical value of this expense record.
dateThe date at which this expense was created.
deductionAmountThe tax deduction value of this expense record.
descriptionThe description of this expense record.
expenseTypeThe type of this expense record. Value is business or personal. This value will be automatically predicted if null.
taxCategoryThe tax category of this expense record. This value will be automatically predicted if null, and the expenseType is business.
notesThe notes associated with this expense.
predictionsWhen expenseType is not included, the Abound API will return predictions for expenseType and taxCategory. Prediction percentages can be found in: predictions.expenseTypePredictionScores and predictions.taxCategoryPredictionScores
foreignId(Optional) The customer-specific unique identifier associated with this expense.