Migration Guide from v2 to v3

In March 2023, the Abound product team made the decision to deprecate the v2 API and corresponding "payee" features (tax calculations, tax payments, transaction prediction). This was done to narrow focus on and expand features of "payer" functionality (w9, 1099 filing, TIN verification, etc).


Support for v2 API will end on Monday, May 15th.

API Resource Changes

The following endpoints will be available and fully supported in v3:

  • /accessTokens
  • /documents (Only 1099-INT, 1099-K, 1099-NEC, W-9, and B-Notices are supported)
  • /mailings
  • /payers
  • /users

The following endpoints are deprecated and will not be available in v3:

  • /documents (Account Statements, 1040-ES, Schedule-C and Business Expense CSVs are no longer supported)
  • /expenses
  • /incomes
  • /mileage
  • /taxCategories
  • /taxes
  • /taxPayments

Migration Steps

Migrating to the v3 API is as simple as updating the version in the API URL path from "v2" to "v3".

For example, the Users API endpoint for v2:


should be updated to reflect v3 in the path:


All other endpoints supported in v3 should be updated in a similar manner.

Please reach out to Abound support for any questions you may have during migration.