Testing 1099 Documents in Sandbox

Form 1099 documents will not be filed to the tax authority in your sandbox environment, so it’s the best way to test your integration before going to production. You can force a 1099 document to resolve to a specific status in your sandbox environment to test various scenarios by passing the accountNumber specified in the table below. This is especially useful when testing Webhooks for different statuses.

For example, if you want to test a Form 1099 in which the final status = "error" and message = "userError", you would create a Form 1099 with accountNumber = "333".

StatusDescriptionTesting Values
createdForm 1099 is created – this is the default statusAny other amount not listed below
verifyingForm 1099 has started the SSN verification process"888"
pendingForm 1099 has started the filing process with the tax authority"111"
doneSuccessful Form 1099 filing"222"
errormessage: "userError""333"
errormessage: "payerError""444"
errormessage: "documentError""555"
errormessage: "ssnVerificationError""999"

For TIN Verification:

StatusDescriptionTesting Values
verifiedSuccessful Tin Matching000000000
mismatchTIN and name do not match.333333333
errorThis is a system-failure error and should rarely,
if ever, occur.
lockedOutVerification for user locked for 24-hours.555555555