After your tax payment has been submitted, Abound® will use webhooks to inform your backend when the tax payment has been updated.

For both successful and failed quarterly tax payments, it’s important that you be notified when there is a status update. Abound® uses webhooks to communicate with your servers when a relevant event occurs. Read more about how to set up and utilize webhooks here.

Payment methods have one event that can be received via webhook: paymentMethods.created
Tax Payments have two events that can be received via webhook: taxPayments.created and

When the webhook status is updated, the returned webhook will also include a resourceStatus. Possible values for a Tax Payments resourceStatus is: pending, done, error. These statuses are also available by getting the resource using the GET /users/{userId}/taxPayments/{taxPaymentId} endpoint.

Below is an example of the taxPayment webhook when the payment's status has been updated to pending.

  "resourceStatus": "pending",