Tax Documents

Abound's Tax DocumentsTax Documents - A product that returns a series of PDF reports such as Quarterly Tax Payment 1040-ES Vouchers and an Annual Profit-Loss Statement. product makes keeping tax records easy and secure. There are three different types of tax documents we provide:

  • 1040-ES
  • Schedule C
  • Itemized expenses


The 1040-ES is a receipt of a Quarterly Tax PaymentQuarterly Tax Payment - A non-reversible IRS tax payment that Abound submits. Quarterly tax payments are initiated by calling the Tax Payments API endpoint.. It is used to figure and pay estimated tax. Below is an example:

Schedule C

The Schedule C tax document is used to report income or loss. Below is an example:

Itemized Expenses

The itemized expenses is a downloadable .csv file that contains all of the user's deductible business expenses, along with their corresponding tax categories and deduction values.

New expense records can be adding by using the POST /users/{userId}/expenses API endpoint.

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