Our API programmatically generates the forms and documents listed below, while also considering a User’s and Payer’s requirements by jurisdiction.

Tax Forms

  • W-9. Payers are required to provide an independent contractor this form in order to collect contact information, a TIN, withholding status and citizenship information. A W-9 form or substitute is a prerequisite for 1099 forms.

Tax Documents

  • 1040-ES. Independent contractors make estimated tax payments to the IRS, where appropriate, with a 1040-ES.
  • Schedule C. Independent contractors report annual profit and loss on a Schedule C. Our API generates this document, which is subsequently used in annual tax filing.

Financial Documents

  • Itemized expenses. Abound® provides itemized expenses as a downloadable .csv file that contains all of the user's previously recorded deductible business expenses, along with their corresponding tax categories and deduction values.