API Environments

There are two environments for development: sandbox and production. The sandbox environment is free to use and will not create any real data. The production environment will create and store data included on tax filings and tax payments.

The environment URLs and descriptions can be seen below:

sandbox-api.withabound.com/v3Stateful sandbox environment; use test credentials and build out and test your integration.
production-api.withabound.com/v3Production API environment; this environment is billed and will initiate real money transfers.

️ Rate Limits

Our rate limit is 10 requests per second. Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you want to gain access to the production environment please contact us: [email protected].

Sandbox Environment

In the sandbox environment, using any other value than specified below will result in an error for your testing.

AddressAny actual address in the United States. Cannot be a P.O. Box.
Account NumberAny 10 digit number.
Account ClassThe class of account: checking or savings
Account TypeThe type of account: business or personal
Social Security NumberAny 9 digit number.