What is a State Payer ID and how can I find it?

A State Payer ID is a number assigned to the payer by the State Department of Revenue. For more information go to the Small Business Administration's website.

My documentURL is no longer working and I get an AccessDenied Error. What do I do?

documentURLs expire after 7 days for security purposes. To get a new link for all documents use GET Documents

Why is your 1099 Deadline in January, when some 1099s are due later?

All 1099 Documents are due to the user at the end of January, even if filing is at a later date.

How do I create a corrected verison of a 1099?

Each 1099 documents has an optional field isCorrected, by setting this to true, your document will be filed as a corrected 1099 with the IRS and state government.

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