There are circumstances where an error occurs, and consequently Abound® is unable to file and issue a 1099. Below are common errors that can occur and steps to resolve them. It's important to take corrective action on the error before our filing deadline to prevent any fees for the Payer.

Verification Errors

Verification occurs before we submit the 1099 Form to the government and involves validating the User's Social Security Number. A ssnVerificationError is usually due to an invalid Social Security Number (SSN) or a mismatch between SSN and legal name. The following provides a timeline for a 1099 Form Filing that failed due to a ssnVerificationError:

  1. Create a 1099 Form, status = "created"
  2. Social Security Number submitted for verification with IRS, status="verifying"
  3. A User experiences a mismatch between legal name and SSN, status = "error", errorMessage = "ssnVerificationError"

To resolve a 1099 Form with a ssnVerificationError, you should update the user's information with the corrected social security number and/or legal name by calling the PUT /users/{userId} API endpoint. Once you’ve done this, you can create a new 1099 Form, and Abound® can reattempt the verification and filing.

Filing Errors

Filing errors occur once the 1099 Form has been submitted and is in the pending status. Below is a table of the possible errors, how they can occur, and how to resolve them:

errorMessageCause of ErrorFix
userErrorA required field for the user is missing or is incorrect.Update the User's information using the PUT /users/{userId} API endpoint.
payerErrorA required field for the payer is missing or is incorrect.Update the Payer's information using the PUT /payers/{payerId} API endpoint.
documentErrorA required field for the document is missing or incorrect.Create a new document and use the POST /users/{userId}/documents API Endpoint